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Writers often complain that the most difficult part of any new project is simply getting started. This app is specifically designed to ease that burden.

Scriptwriting Pre-Writer helps guide you through the process of planning your next script. And actually, it can be used to plan any type of story you might want to create. Like movie scripts, plays, novels, or short stories.

The app helps you map out important elements of your story including:
      • Theme
      • Characters
      • Settings
      • Goals
      • Stakes
      • Obstacles
      • Resolution
      • Plot Points

For each of these elements, not only does the app provide suggestions and instructions, but it also allows you to make detailed entries.

Scriptwriting Pre-Writer is not a scriptwriting program. Instead, it helps you organize your thoughts prior to writing.

Because the app allows you to work on multiple different projects, it is a perfect on-the-go tool to capture your ideas as they come.

Whenever you're ready to begin writing in earnest, you can export your project as a flat-text file for editing in any word processing program. Or, if you prefer, you can export your project as an OPML file that can be opened in Scrivener.